Master Bathroom Part 2

I already took down the next is primer before I paint the walls our nice "Havana Cream" color (Behr, of course).

I used House of Hepworth's trick to protect the toilet tank.  It worked like a charm.  I was able to paint all the way behind the tank.  Whew!
 You can also see that the mold in the corner of the wallboard is much better now that it has been treated.  I don't mind the darker color, we aren't going to worry about this tiny little spot.  One day we are redoing the entire bathroom anyways (motel bathrooms aren't the greatest). 


 Here is a shot of the painted wall over the doorway.  This bathroom is tiny so its hard to take pictures.
 And here you can see the yellow color I'm covering with the white primer.  Much better!
Ta da!  Complete!

For other parts of this project, go here: Removing wallpaper
Up next is showing you the finished project with new paint!  Primer makes a world of difference!


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