Master Bathroom Part 3

Well, I hate the color that I painted.  It is much too yellow.  So I have already bought more paint and will show you pictures of that as soon as I repaint it.  In the meantime, here is the progress I have made.  I took down the wallpaper in the sink area of the bathroom, behind the mirror, and am preparing it to prime.


 You can see in the above picture the darker beige areas.  This wallpaper came off the walls in the same manner as the shower stall room.  The top layer came off all on its own, without water.  Then I just sprayed the beige paper with water and it would peel off.  The sheets weren't as complete as the last time, but that is surely because this area was subjected to less humidity and steam as the shower area.  In any case, it is done now!

Be gone, wallpaper!

Like I said, the next step is to prime the walls and then paint both this area and the shower area with the newer, less yellowy paint color.


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