Camera Display Part 2

If you have been reading, then you know I've been coming up with a camera display.  But I hated what I did already.  It was ugly, and homey, and just too dark.  So I borrowed a shelf I was going to put up in my sewing room, and it works pretty well for the camera shelf.  This is an open shelf, so the cameras can get more light and it is easier to read the writing on the chalkboard paint.

I've also done research on these cameras (from left to right):
  •  1949 Rolleiflex Automat X
  • 1968 Nikon FTN
  • 1976 Hasselblad 2000 FCM
  • 1946 Brownie Travel Six-20
  • 1976 Polaroid Presto
  • 1957 Brownie Bullet
  • 1958 T1 Rolleiflex

 I still have three more cameras to find shelving for. 
 And I need to fix the little paint oops on the upper right hand corner.
And this is who was supervising me tonight.  She was making notes....

Here's part 1 of this project.


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