Foyer - Part 2

 So we left off in the foyer with the wallpaper removed (yayyy!) and ready to prime and paint. The dingy yellow is from the wallpaper.  Can't wait to get rid of that!

First I had to paint the trim in the foyer, including the front door.  Two coats.  This is the first coat.
 And then after the second coat of trim paint is dried, I taped off the trim so I can start priming the walls.

This post is mainly pictures.  So here it is primed....
 And after the primer had dried for a day, I taped off for the horizontal stripes I'm going to paint.  The tutorials are everywhere, and to get a perfectly crisp line you should really follow this one, it was great.

 Here is the area with the base coat of paint over the taped lines so the edges won't bleed.

 And then, after the base coat is painted over the taped edges and is dried, you can paint the colored stripes!


Ahhhh!  Here is the after!  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this update.  It is such a huge change from the wallpaper.

Just one more time.  
Here is the first part of this project.  More to come.  I still need to update the light and hang pictures with an updated finish to the frame.


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