Paint Till You Drop

Well, I got to work tonight and painted the bookshelf that will eventually live in the master bedroom.  First step, aside from the already done sanding, is to prime the bookshelf.

 I used the same primer that I did for the wood paneling in the living room, Valspar Bonding Primer.  It was a huge success on the last project!
 And I got this little 12" shelf at Goodwill for $4.69.  I'm painting it the same color as the trim, and am going to put two of the smaller cameras on it for the camera project (ps - the camera project is getting a revamp since I wasn't too pleased with the outcome of the first part....more on that later).
 And finally, I've begun on the revamp of the camera project.  Here's a sneak peak.  I think this will look fresher than the wooden shelf I was using.
Whew.  I have to go do clean up now.  Good night!


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