I'm a plant killer....

I've been the keeper of plants in our family since my grandpa passed away in 2009 and I'm not too good at it.  We've got problems!  Direct sunlight, not enough water, root bound plants, plants that are DEAD, and plants that wish they had a pot that was the right size.  I'm not made of money so I've been using the pots the plants were in when I got them.  And then when we moved, I potted some of my bulbs for Easter lilies, which have all been congregating on the front porch.  Ahem.

Attention, please!  Don't put the day lily plants in direct sunlight and desert dry conditions.  They will hate you for it.  Do you like the boat anchor (literally) dragging down the ambiance of the front porch?

So...(do you know someone who starts sentences with "so" because I am one of them)...I moved all the bulb lilies that don't mind direct sun to our pool area.  Hopefully they won't be too traumatized.  It was a good chance to divide up the mama bulbs from their babies and replant in a nice row.

Then I divided one pot of day lilies into two separate plants with larger pots and moved them inside for some nice low light conditions.  We don't have all that much natural light in our house and we leave most of our blinds closed, so for now they are on the kitchen table.

Sad, yes?  These plants need TLC, but they'll come back if I water them appropriately.

And finally, here is what our plants look like on the front porch.  I wish I had a couple of stands, some way to make it have more sense than, here plants, sit right here in this corner nobody puts baby in a corner.  But right now, this is better than the before, right?




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