Wednesday Night Fun

Well, since TV is so lame these days, I used my energy to get some work done.  I'm back in action.  We have wallpaper in 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, the foyer, and one wall in the living room.  I have my work cut out for me.  BUT, I have the BEST wallpaper removal tool in the world.  Wallwik and water!  It seriously is amazing. (I'm not sponsored by anyone and we've had this product at least eight years..we also don't score as they recommend in the information.)

Ugh.  Did you know that bathroom wallpaper has a different type of finish, that resists water?  I had no idea.  But I found out because normally the wallpaper absorbs the water when you apply a sheet of WallWik, which is how the glue loosens and let you pull down the strips of wallpaper.
 All you do is soak some sheets of WallWik in water...
 Then lay them flat on the wallpaper you are removing, with as much water still on the WallWik as possible.  The wallpaper normally, like I said, absorbs the water and makes the glue soft.  You can just pull the wallpaper off in sheets.  Except this time, only the top layer of the wallpaper pulled off.
 I was still left with a layer of paper on the walls.
 Keeping it real, people.  This is what you get when you don't tile far enough away from a shower stall with pretty good water pressure.  I'll have to treat this spot before painting the room.  And this means we have mold inside the shower because it wasn't grouted properly.

The best part about WallWik is that it helps keep the sheets together, you don't poke holes in the paper so you don't have to pick at tiny pieces on the wall.  It isn't magic, it really works.
 See, it comes off in really nice full sheets.
But again, it left behind the paper.  All I needed to get the paper off was to dab the paper with the wallwik, I didn't even have to lay it flat on the paper.  This was real paper and it also came off in full sheets after I got it wet momentarily.
It always gets worse before it gets better, and I still have to remove the wallpaper on the outside of this door, but I'm so glad I did this all in about an hour and a half.


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