Accessorizing the new Living Room

Well, I did some minor improvements to our recently painted living room (it was wooden paneling I painted).  Here is what we had at ground zero:

And then during Thanksgiving break I painted the paneling a nice cream/tan and blue:

I added a floating shelf where the old huge shelves were right outside the door to the garage (see in the picture below).

It has a few of my favorite things, a painting I got during a trip to New Orleans recently, a little ceramic bird from Goodwill, a glass chicken my husband bought me, a Silhouette I made for homemade Christmas presents, and a nice yellow bowl.  Down below is a painting of birds I got during college at a craft fair.  I still love those.
We have very few knick knacks, but for the ones we have, I do really like them.

I just recently bought this to go in this room, since the accent to the deep blue walls is a nice green, which is best seen in the large green flower below.
And that is all I've done so far.  My list of to-dos?  Here they are:
  • Test out whether I can stand the TV being attached on the wall that is shared with the master bedroom, or not.  I go to bed earlier than my husband which means I hope I cannot hear the TV when I'm in bed, or else we'll have to figure out another plan.
  • Paint the ceiling white.
  • Hang the new light fixture I got (see below).
  • Hang a new modern floating shelf as a place to catch keys and small tidbits when we walk in the door.  Perhaps also a mail station on the wall would help with the in/out mail.
  • Figure out whether or not I can dye the curtain in this room.  I priced fabric (21 yards worth) in the style I love and it was $375 just for fabric, and then I would be left to sew it myself.  Whew, I really don't like sewing straight lines that much.  I also priced buying pinched pleated drapes and sewing them together to make the length we need, but that was closer to $600.  Too much money.  I'm still hoping dying the fabric would work.  
I do want to look for a great place to put mail and items that I need to remember to bring to work or daycare with me, and not have that on the kitchen counters.  


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