Curtains, again

Well, I got the navy blue curtains I ordered in the mail.  They are too dark.
 The color on this isn't quite makes our walls look almost neon blue.  They are DARK!!  And the curtains are darker.

Quite, quite navy, but too dark.  So I have to return them.  On with the curtain hunt, I say.  So I checked again....and they are having another home sale.  Looked through exactly ONE page of curtains (I looked through over 300 before, on this site alone)...and found the jackpot!
Yes!  Chocolate, wheat, and green, the accent color in the living room!  Hallelujah!  Best part was they are $30 cheaper than the first set I bought.  I'm getting 8 panels for $108.  That is a dream.  They are also lined, while the navy set are not lined.  I'm excited to try these.  AND, I have the lamp in that picture :)


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