Little Rocking Chair and a Curtain debate

I kept a little brown rocking chair from our House #2's attic.  Do you remember this?  Although there is no picture, the attic had a little brown chair, that was in pretty good shape although it was hideous.  So I spray painted it green, the accent color for the living room, and here it sits:
Sorry about the photography.  I don't have a proper camera at the moment and also only remember to document my blog projects at 6:30 am before leaving for work :(  I'll work on that!

Once I get some new curtains, this room is really going to start coming together!
Here are some new options for the curtains in the Living Room.  Would it be too much to ask for some updated curtain choices, stores?  I've looked online at Kohls, JC Penney, World Market, Ikea, and Walmart and hate all of those options.  So far this is the only one I've seen that looks close to what I'm going for.  But I'm afraid the color is wrong.  It actually would work really well in the master bedroom....hmmmm.  I also found the starry one, and they are light blockers, but everyone used them for the kid's bedroom.  Would it look too weird in a living room?
Target - $19.99 per 84" panel

Overstock - $54.79 for 84" pair (today's sale only), I'd get either Beige or Navy...these are thermal blockers

Overstock - $44.99 per pair for 96" curtain
I also like the curtains above, because they are not solid, but have a small print. 
Overstock - $34.64 for panel pair of 84" curtain
 These have a set of horizontal stripes at the top, which I love.  I'm drawn to geometric shapes.  I'd probably buy Navy curtains if I got these.

Which one do you like?  I also cannot remember if I'm supposed to get 84" or 96" curtains.  I'm 75% sure it is 84".  We don't have tall ceilings.


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