Lots of Old Cameras

My paternal grandfather was an amateur photographer.  And I have a lot of his old equipment.  My maternal grandfather happened to keep most of his personal cameras and when he died, my sisters and I divided the cameras among us.  Until now they have been in boxes, sitting on the floor of my master bedroom, or just sitting in their bags in the sewing room.  But not any more.  I want to display them in our living room so everyone can enjoy them.

And it all came together when I came across this wonderful idea on pinterest:


I'm pretty sure I have two shelves worth, so I got a basic open shelf at Home Depot, in brown:
and I also picked up one shelf at Goodwill:

and one shelf at a garage sale:

Here are all the cameras I have:

I'm hoping that they will work together nicely to provide a place to display the cameras.  I am planning on painting a chalkboard finish to outline the cameras and write their names, and perhaps display some pictures that would have a vintage feel of our family.  My only downside is that I probably will have to sand and paint the garage sale display because some of the plywood laminate is pulling away from the unit.

One other concern is dust.  I was trying to come up with a way to keep this display from getting dusty?  I was contemplating putting anti-glare plexiglass to attach to the front of the cases that are self-contained, but I don't want anything to be in the way of seeing the cameras.  I'm such a bad duster, though.....

After I paint, I'll post an update with the display how I improved the look of the shelves.  Sorry for the bad pictures, I'm a nighttime blogger and home improver.  No pictures are taken in daylight.....


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