Big Sister Hospital Bag

Do you know someone having a baby soon?  I know about 20!  And this is for them, not for me.  No, I'm not secretly pregnant!  I whipped this up quickly, but it is sure to keep the bigger sibling busy wherever they are, be it at grandma and grandpa's or in the hospital with you, visiting their new shiny sibling.

Here is what I decided to include:
I sewed a handmade back with ribbon handles and 2 pockets on the outside.  I included a Minnie Mouse toy, a handmade cloud softie with a cool graphic print on the back (his smile looks mischievous to me), a star wand, a Crayola color markers book (the markers only make color on the included booklet), a little pouch with crayons and a stack of paper, some fun moustache stickers, and a little book with a tiny squeaker toy about opposites.

This works for a 2-3 year old, perhaps even a 4 year old would like it.  Just something special to get them excited.  I know a lot of people give it to the big sibling "from the baby", but it would be great to make it for the parent so they don't have to worry about it.

Another great idea would be a disposable digital camera so an older child could take pictures of what they wish.


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