Laundry Room Update

Oh, our laundry room.  It is fantastic to have one inside, most Floridians are stuck with doing laundry in a steaming garage.  But, it is has NO storage!  We've been living here for 8 months, like this:

 Doesn't it scream, welcome, here's a pile of laundry now get to work?  Plus we have a toddler, and you really musn't leave killer chemicals on the FLOOR!  (I'm ashamed, but working to fix the problem....give me that.)  And here is what you see when you least I had put the ironing board and iron hanger up, after we had the hanger for 2 months.  The pattern is full of good intentions.

 I hate the stack of towels, but currently I don't have a plan for how to store those.  So expect to see that stack, just the way it is, in the big reveal.  I also have more cleaning supplies than someone who doesn't clean needs.  So I should clean more.  There are more hiding in a hall closet.

Today I had a work foreman give me some helpful hints on how to paint more efficiently.

 First, I painted all the boards that were going up, so I didn't have to try to cut all this in once it was installed.  That is plenty easier than painting later, I assure you.
And here are the other boards.  This project is relatively cheap, including a 10" wide oak board, two 1x4" boards, and them cut to size.  I also needed three closet rod holders, and the closet rod end hardware to attach on either end.  We bought the materials in August 2012.  I count 5 months there.  Argh.
 I marked a level line at the chosen height.  This shelf is very high, but mainly because we are using the closet rod as a way to hang dry clothes that shouldn't go into the dryer.  Then I found the studs and screwed the wood into all three studs.
 Then I cut three shorter pieces of wood that would vertically, where the closet rod holders screw in.  I feel like this is extremely over-engineered, but hey, that's what I do.  I bought four and I would have fit all four in there if we had more studs.  This shelf is never going to fall down.  Then I screwed in the three curtain rod hangers and the side wood pieces, where the curtain rod holders will screw into place.
 Ta-da!!  We chose not to paint the rail, simply because with the hangers sliding around, I don't want the paint to peel away and make a mess.
 I picked up some matching bins at the Dollar Store (can't beat those prices) and although I wish they were a different color, it does make the room a lot more cheerful.
 Here is what it looks like as you walk by.  Phew, that is so much nicer.
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