Camera Display Part 1

I began the chalkboard paint and display project!  Hurray!  The great news is that the Martha Stewart How-to about making chalkboard paint in any color really works well!

I started off just trying to figure out how to organize the cameras.  I could comfortably fit four of the cameras in this smaller shelf.  The good news is that it is pretty lightweight.
 Apologize for the incredibly horrible pictures.  Not only have I been taking pictures at night, but now I'm taking night pictures from a CELL PHONE.  Blah.

First, a bit about the cameras.
The oldest is in the upper left corner:  a Rolleiflex T1 made from 1958-1966
The upper right corner is a Kodak Brownie Bullet made from 1957-1964
The lower left corner is a Kodak Instamatic X-15 made from 1970-1976
The lower right corner is a Kodak Instamatic 404 made from 1965-1969
 Then I wanted to put a whole roll of the other cameras on a shelf beside the smaller shelf above.  However, I hit a snag.  This often happens, and I believe it is from the paneling having more give than drywall woodwould.  I'll give you the details on these cameras once I put them on display (and do the research).

You can see above where the shelf was going to rest and the shelf is leaning against the wall next to the level.  But it was just too dang wobbly.  I had to nix this idea.  See the video for a real demo of the wobbly nature of the shelf.  I couldn't put a bunch of vintage and expensive cameras perched on a wobbly shelf.  I just couldn't.

Then, after I decided the arrangement of the first set of cameras, I mixed a batch of custom chalkboard paint.  The color below is the same as the living room color.  See, it isn't neon blue!  This is almost an exact replicate of the real color the room looks.  It is like the deep sea.
 All you do is mix 1 cup of paint with 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout (I got my grout in the clearance aisle at Home Depot).  Mix well, and you're ready to go.
 One coat....

 Three coats with the cameras:
 And some information about the camera manufacture years (I'll have to jazz up the handwriting later...when I'm not so tired)....


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